Presenter Information

Research Reports: Research Reports are intended for reporting on complete research of the highest caliber.During each 40-minute session allotted for a Research Report, the author(s) makes a 20-minute presentation followed by 20 minutes of discussion with the audience. The author(s) should plan for substantial interaction between the author(s) and audience and use this as an opportunity to gain valuable feedback on the work.

Brief Research Reports: Brief Research Reports are intended for reporting on research that is in process or of a preliminary nature, such as sharing preliminary results form a larger research study or reporting initial findings from a study that has not been completely analyzed. Each 40-minute session will consist of two 10-minute presentations on a similar topic, each followed by 5 minutes of clarification questions. The sessions will conclude with 10 minutes of discussion across the two papers.

Poster Presentations: Poster sessions are designed to encourage the exchange of ideas. A Poster Presentation is a visual display depicting a research project, developed software, curricular innovation, educational program, or other item of interest to members of PME-NA. Posters should include a description of the conceptual or theoretical perspective, the research question(s) and design, data collection techniques and analyses, and a summary of findings. The maximum available space for posting is 46” x 46”.

Working Groups: A Working Group provides an opportunity for individuals to come together for a significant period of time to discuss issues pertaining to a particular area of research.Working Groups will meet three times during the conference to facilitate extended interactions among group members.