Marie Smerigan

Oakland Schools, Michigan

Marie began her career working in an Alternative School in Taylor, Michigan. She then moved to Farmington Public Schools teaching at East Middle School for 19 years where she taught 7th grade, 8th grade and Algebra. In addition to teaching, Marie worked as a coach helping to support teachers. She then spent the next 5 years in the position of K-12 Math Coordinator for all of Farmington Public Schools. As the coordinator she worked on establishing K-12 math curriculum as they adopted the Common Core State Standards, adopting new resources for our Elementary School, which would help teachers implement not only the CCSS content standards but also the Standards for Mathematical Practice. Marie facilitated Professional Learning opportunities to help teachers make the pedagogical changes necessary to implement the CCSS-M. In addition, she met regularly with the district leadership team as they created and worked to implement their pilot of the new teacher evaluation, which was modeled after Marzano’s work. Marie is currently a Mathematics Education Consultant for Oakland Schools where she works to support the 28 districts in Oakland County by offering professional learning opportunities both regionally and in districts, as well as consulting with district leadership to help them make curricular and other mathematics decisions.