Dr. Malcolm Swan

Professor of Mathematics Education
University of Nottingham

Malcolm is Professor of Mathematics Education at the University of Nottingham. He leads the CRME team, playing the principal role in the design and development of many of its products. His research is mainly into the theory, development and evaluation of teaching situations and professional development in mathematics education. This includes: the design of situations which foster reflection, discussion and metacognitive activity; the design of situations in which children construct mathematical concepts and develop problem solving strategies; and the design of formative and evaluative assessment. Malcolm was awarded the International Society for Design and Development in Education Prize for design for the Language of Functions and Graphs. Funded by the UK government, he led the design of Improving Learning in Mathematics, curriculum and professional development resources were sent to all mathematics teachers in secondary and further education in England. Malcolm is currently leading the development of ‘Classroom Challenges’, a series of formative assessment lessons supporting the Common Core State Standards for Mathematics in the US, funded by the Gates foundation.